Friday Featured Artist #11: BreeAnn Veenstra

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    This week we have the lovely illustrations from BreeAnn Veenstra. Check it out and don’t forget to visit her portfolio and Deviant Art.

    “BreeAnn Veenstra wants to make children dream and adults believe.

    She grew up surrounded by the beautiful country of northern Michigan’s lower peninsula. Wildlife and art were frequent companions both through her childhood activities and her father’s own art business, E-Scape Art Glass. She is continuously inspired by the natural world and its wildlife as well as the unending possibilities of combining these with the surreal and fantastical. Consequently, BreeAnn thoroughly enjoys including mythical or fantastical elements in her works when she can.

    In addition to illustration, BreeAnn also enjoys writing, web design, and printmaking. She desperately wants to swim with dolphins and loves flying, even if it is only in her dreams.”